Project 2017 Insa Oil – Belozem

Enerik OOD built 24 pcs. measuring systems with volumetric flow meters according to MID005 for commercial measurement in the oil base of INSA OIL OOD in the town of Belozem

The systems consist of Accuload III FMC Smith meter controller, Prime 4 FMC smith meter flow meter, FMC Smith E40D air separator, Zpa231 Nova Paka temperature sensor.
Metering systems are used for metering diesel and gasoline fuels, blending with biofuels, as well as metering and blending with better fuel additives.
The supplies also include specialized filling hinged sleeves for bottom filling of road tankers, as well as those for top filling of railway tanks with cones.
Enerik OOD supplied and specialized filters for screening water particles as well as solid particles from Jet A1 fuel. There were also 10 pcs. overpressure and vacuum breather valves on top of tank ceilings.

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