Sun Base Oil Base, Provadia – IMPLEMENTED

Biodiesel refinery / depot
Car overpass for refueling, upper and lower filling:
• 3 measuring systems for biodiesel.
• 4 inch single systems with a maximum flow rate of 2400 liters / minute.
Measuring unit “FMC technologies” consisting of:
• filter / air separator
• flow meter
• digital valve
• a temperature sensor
• control controller
• printer
• start / stop emergency buttons and explosion-proof boxes
• cable trays, cables
• adjustment and start-up of the filling systems
• ready for launch
• Meterwin 4.0 automation system – software for control of filling processes and inventory control of the available quantities of biodiesel in the tanks based on a leveling system
• Leveling system consisting of:
radar level meter “ENRAF” 971 with accuracy of measuring the level in the tank +/- 1 mm
VITO Combi probe – sensor for measuring the presence of water level in the tank
Vito Light – 9 temperature sensors distributed along the height of the tank

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