ENERIC OOD IS THE EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR OF PSG DOVER, FRANCE and Tuthill Group, UK Mouvex serves the following markets: refined fuels, oilfield, energy, food/sanitary, military, transport and chemical process. – VANE PUMPS – MOUVEX – LOBE PUMPS – MOUVEX – BLACKMERE – USA – ECCENTRIC DISC PUMP – MOUVEX – SCREW COMPRESSOR – MOUVEX – CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS – FINDER › PSG-10002-C-03 Corporate Brochure-Web › PSG Storage full presentation Eneric › PSG Mouvex NRJ Products budapest › Mouvex_GeneralBrochure_MVX-10001-C-04_A4_web › Maag S-Series-Product-Brochure-EMEA › Mouvex_GeneralBrochure_MVX-10001-C-04_A4_web › Maag S-Series-Product-Brochure-EMEA › Griswold ANSI-811-Brochure-REBRANDED-2015 › finder_psg_industrial_and_power_solutions_brochure_l › finder_psg_engineered_products_brochure_l › crude blackmer › atk2102-025 cavitation blackmer › 1301-015blackmer › 1301-007blackmer › 1301-001blackmer › 106-001blackmer › 104-001blackmer › 103-001blackmer › 102-001blackmer › 101-003 blackmer At Tuthill https://www.tuthill.com/products/  we are proud to create the pumps, blowers, vacuum systems, meters and plastics that help fuel some of the world’s most impactful industries. Lubrication Pumps – 1000 Series Lubrication Pumps   The 1000 Series is based on the proven internal gear principal and is enhanced in response from our OEM customers for a pump that offers advanced features which make installation easier. These side-ported pumps have the option to bolt SAE/DIN flanges onto them ensuring maximum flexibility on the porting arrangements. – C Series Circulation Pumps The L & C Series cast iron positive displacement pumps have been the industry standard for Lubrication & Circulation for over 75 years. They were originally designed under James B. Tuthill, the company’s founder, in the 1920s. For eight decades, Tuthill has worked to improve these pumps to fit an ever-growing range of lubrication applications. – L Series Lubrication Pumps The L Series is an internal gear pump design with compact and flexible drive options. This pump series is available with Tuthill’s Reversing Feature, comes standard with a single mechanical seal and cast iron construction – 4000 Series 4000 Series PROCESS PUMPS run quiet and provide reliable performance with minimal downtime and maintenance, a positive displacement internal gear construction, and accurate repeatable flow. Special materials of construction permit handling applications in the chemical, food, and petroleum process industries and a wide variety of fluids Mag driven pumps – D Series Pumps   ince 1977, Tuthill has worked to improve magnetically driven gear pumps by engineering solutions to meet the needs of varying applications and exacting designer specifications. The result is a family of magnetically coupled pumps that have found wide industry acceptance for their versatility and robust standard of build and reliability. – T Series Pumps    16 Stainless Steel or Hastelloy Flow rates to 650gph(2460L/hr) Differential Pressures to 250psi(17.2bar) System Pressures to 500psi(34.5bar) Temperatures to 350°F(176°C) – W Series Pumps  Tuthill’s W-Series magnetically coupled external gear chemical metering pumps are designed specifically for the harsh environment associated with water and wastewater chemical treatment. The external gear technology resists gas vapor locking caused by out gassing sodium hypochlorite. – P Series Pumps   PPS Engineered Polymer Pump: Flow rates to 63usgph(238L/hr) Differential Pressures to 130psi(9bar) System pressures to 300psi(20bar) Temperatures to 150°F(65°C) PROCESS PUMPS – GlobalGear® Process Pumps GlobalGear® internal gear pumps have tougher, more reliable parts that are easy to service and maintain. The modular design reduces switching costs saving time and money. – Magnetically Coupled MagDrive Process Pumps  Tuthill’s M Series pumps feature a robust design to better withstand the unexpected. Process upsets and cold starts can result in decoupling and permanent magnet damage that results in costly repairs and unplanned downtime. Using generously sized high temperature magnets can often prevent this situation. That is what Tuthill delivers in the M series – Heavy Duty (HD) Process Pumps  Cumferential piston pumps for the most demanding applications. Capable of running dry indefinitely this pump is a severe-duty problem solver.  – Tuthill brochure
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