ENRAF Oil Tank Products

• radar level meters 0.1mm to 3mm accuracy FlexLine /specification/
• servo level gauges 0.5mm to 3mm accuracy ServoLine
• sensors for measuring the average temperature in the Combi Probe tank
• a signal sensor for the presence of water level in an oil tank
• Contrec 1010 autofill process control controller/specification/
• petroleum automation system software: MetwerWin 4.0 i Smart Load,Book,Scan /specification/
biofuel mixing/blending systems to the primary metered product of a Microblender petroleum overpass
Monoblock injector system – Minipack fuel additives in the pertol bases
• New: Mass – Coriolis Flow Meter of type approved by BIM Versaflow Honeywell /specification/ and /user manual/

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