Enerik OOD built the following systems in an oil base for jet A1 fuel, Bezmer Airport, NATO:

  • -4 measuring systems for commercial measurement with TCS volumetric flowmeters, Honeywell Fusion4 MSC L controller, OCV digital valve, Zpa 231 Nova Paka temperature sensor
    The systems are used for volume measurement of 15 oC jet A1 fuels and subsequent storage in tanks, as well as filling measurement for tanker trucks.
    -2 pcs. additive dosing systems with injector to main lines.
    -3 pcs. level measurement systems for above ground tanks with commercial accuracy.
  • Servo level gauges, medium temperature sensor
    -1 piece. SCADA system that visualizes all processes and makes a connection with a higher one. SAP system for accounting levels.
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