Industrial automation and engineering


With it’s main activity in the automation process of different industrial areas focusing on the engineering in the field of petrol terminals and equipment delivery for them, as well as equipment for tank trucks:

§. Complete turnkey automobile trestles (video).

§. Delivery of equipment on site and start-up of terminal automation system controlling the loading gentry activity as well as the tank gauging systems in a depot. Delivery of tank gauging equipment: radar technology, servo technology and etc. Delivery of injection blocks for additives, for coloring and other mixture dosing purposes. – represented company ENRAF, The Netherlands.

§. Delivery of equipment on site and start-up of official trade metering systems for loading/offloading auto and railroad vehicles with diesel, benzene and other liquids, as the systems are approved by the Bulgarian National Metrology Department. We install together with the systems an Electronic Controller Head for auditing and printing the bill of lading, and commercial invoices - represented company FMC technologies-Smith Meter and Sening Tank Truck, Germany .

§. Delivery of loading arms for top and bottom filling for hydrocarbons as well as for different chemical applications- truck loading gentry a well as railroad gentry.

§. Delivery of equipment for tanks as breathing valves, pressure-vacuum relief valves, in-line detonation flame arrestors, end of-line deflagration flame arrestors, emergency vent manway and gauge hatches.

§. Delivery of equipment on site and start-up of Scully grounding and overfilling prevention systems for loading gentries, tank trucks and gas stations. Represented company Scully systems B.V- Belgium/USA.

§. Delivery of equipment on site and start-up of aluminum floating internal/external roofs for storage tanks. Aluminum domes suitable for covering large construction sites as well as big storage tanks thus converting it in to a covered tank with an internal floating roof inside. Delivery of flexible hoses for petrol railcar unloading and other purposes -represented company CTS cargo transfer systems- the Netherlands.

§. Delivery of equipment on site and start-up as well as maintenance of systems for catching the hydrocarbon vapors from the top/bottom filling process at the truck/marine/railroad loading gentry , liquefying them and bringing the recovered fuel back in to the terminal storage tank- an unit called VRU -represented company Carbovac SRL, France.

§. We provide an engineering, commissioning and start-up for the above positions as well as an extensive equipment and system maintenance offer.

§. Complete turnkey automobile trestles (video).

§. Eneric Ltd is a leading company also in the delivery of Tank Truck Equipment: Sening bottom valve, API coupling VRV vapor return coupling Sening, pneumatic control equipment and pneumatic buttons Sening, Tank truck full metering package GMVZ1004 along with Multiflow controller unit, Multiseal system for electronic sealed parcel delivery Sening. We offer optic overfill sensors Scully, 6pin and 10 pin sockets Scully ,onboard electronic equipment and testers Scully – Eneric Ltd is an exclusive representative FMC Sening F.A and Scully Systems B.V.